3 T’s Cesspool & Crane

Internal grease filter installed

Restoration on leaching cesspool

Internal repair installed missing Tee pipe on opened end pipe to stop solids from entering into leaching field and leaching cesspool cleaning during and after

Line repairs done by hand to keep the integrity of the property

New septic system installation

Line repairs done neatly to keep the integrity of facilities

Swimming pool lines and electric were run over top of cesspool built up cover and rerouted lines

Deep line repair next to front stoop

Septic tanks need maintenance

Septic tank covers dug and raised to grade for proper cleaning

Under ground gutter lines installed

Line repair and install cleanout under deck and cement patio

Pump truck

Deep line repair

Sewer viewing trough repair

Same line repair

Sewage injector clogged

Sewage injector clogged tampons

Sewage injector pumps repaired and installed this pump was clogged with baby wipes

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